Thursday, May 2, 2013

Help! My Button Copy Box Changed!

Blogger has made some recent changes to their templates & coding and it has messed up people's button copy & paste box. If you leave the widget/gadget that contains the button code alone it seems to be fine, but if you touch that widget at all (even if you open and hit cancel) the coding changes and it looks like this~
Code it Pretty has come up with an updated coding that works with the Blogger updates. You can find that tutorial HERE. When you open the widget/gadget make sure you copy what is there because it contains the direct link to the button.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How to Invite Contributors to your Blogger Blog

Blogger has added security measures to keep people from hacking into your account by detecting remote log ins. These extra steps don't occur all the time, but they do make it tougher to me to log-into your account to install your blog design. Therefore, I am asking that you invite me to be a contributor on your blog. This is a 2-step process.

1. Under your settings you will see a place to add authors. Click that and put in the email address of the person you want to invite to be a contributor on your blog. Once they accept they can post, but not edit anything on the blog. For a blog design installation, I need access to everything so please see step 2.
2. Once the person has accepted the invitation you can make them an admin by pulling down and clicking admin to the right of their email address. This gives them full access to your blog & template.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Adjusting Comment Settings with Blogger

Here is how you change your comment settings with Blogger. Click the images below to enlarge. To set controls over your comments click Posts and Comments under Settings on your Blogger Dashboard.
Comment Settings Adjustment
I recommend that you select Anyone or Registered User for Who can comment?
For Comment Moderation select Always. You can add your email address into the box I have highlighted and you will be alerted when there are new comments to approve.
PLEASE select No for Show word verification. ,
You can even add in a message for your Comment Form Message.
Customize the Name of your Comments
You can change the word comments to something else if you want. Go to the layout on your blog and then click edit on the Blog Posts box. The window above will pop up and I have pointed out where you can change the name of comments.
Update your No-Reply Status
You should also have your email address linked to your profile so that people can contact you and respond to your comments via email. You do this by clicking on your profile. You will see an Edit Profile (orange) box up on the right. Click that and then click Show my email address, and scroll down to the bottom to save.

Check out the following for suggestions on getting more comments~

Thursday, September 20, 2012

New Blogger Interface

Blogger has done away with their old interface (BOO!) for good. They have provided a bunch of video tutorials on using the upgraded interface here.