Monday, January 4, 2010

Blogger Navigation Sign-In Bar

What is that bar that appears at the very top of your blog? That is the Blogger Navigation/Sign-In Bar. Many Bloggers remove it, but it is helpful for novice bloggers.
1- Click on the B and you will be taken to your dashboard
2- Search for content on a blog. This is fav part. Let's say you remember a chicken soup recipe on a certain blog but you don't want to go scrolling through all the post to find it. Type chicken soup and click search blog. All posts on that blog that contain the words chicken soup will appear. So just type your keyword(s) in that box and then click on search blog (3) .
X- Flag Blog...don't accidently click this one. I've never flagged a blog and I would only do so if I read through what blogger deems should be flagged first.
4- Click to create a new post
5- Clicking customize brings you to layout at dasboard
6- Sign In/Sign Out

Updated: Two options have been added since I first posted this.

Follow- Click this to become a follower of this blog
Share- Give you social media sharing options