Friday, October 8, 2010

Change the color of the Blogger Navigation Bar.

Did you know you can change the color of the Blogger navigation bar that automatically appears at the top of your blog? I am actually annoyed when I see a nice blog design and the nav bar at the top is the default Blogger blue.At this point there are 6 different color choices which are easy to change. You can either click on Design up on the right side of the Blogger navbar OR at your dashboard click on Design to be taken to the layout of your blog. When you click on the edit button for the Navbar that I have pointed out below. This brings up the Configuration window. Just select the color you want and click save.I chose the Transparent Light and now my dog's blog looks like this~Some people add coding to hide this navbar, but a lot of people use it to sign in and out of blogger so it's nice to have it match the design.