Monday, July 4, 2011

Font Choices at Blogger

One of the recent upgrades with Blogger is the expansion of available fonts to customize your blog with. There used to be a choice of 7 and how there are a bunch with the addition of Web Fonts. Here are some easy instructions for updating your blog!

First~ Go to your Blogger Dashboard and click on the Template link. Then the orange customize tab. 
Go down and click Advanced. Do not mess with any of the other settings!
Click on the part you want to change (here I have clicked on Sidebar Title Font) and then scroll down in the font box to the right to find the font you want. Click Apply to Blog over to the right and then go take a look to see if you like the font. You can adjust the size of the font below that scroll box.
 So your sidebar can go from one of the basic fonts to something different like this~ 
Please note! Not all web fonts options will look good. It could have to do with the font itself or your template. So use some trial and error to find what you like. If you have a custom template or use a freebie professional template or similar, you might not have the option to change your fonts! Make sure you don't change your template, widths, or any other settings of your blog or you might lose your design!