Monday, July 4, 2011

What is a Blogger Page?

Many clients have asked me about Blogger pages and how they can use them on their blog. I will explain what they are and how to create them in this post.

Blogger pages let you to publish/post static/fixed information on stand-alone pages linked from your blog. For example, you can use pages to create an About page that discusses the evolution of your blog and information about you, or a Contact Me page that provides your personal contact information such as your email and phone number as well as your social media contacts such as Facebook and Twitter. Blogger pages is not recommended for information that changes frequently such as current giveaways or dates of events.

You create a Blogger page similar to how you write a blog post. From your Blogger Dashboard click the Posting tab, then Edit Pages tab, then click New Page. You will publish it just as you publish a post. Blogger allows 10 stand alone pages per blog. Here is what it looks like on the new Blogger interface.
Once your page is published, you can link to it from the new Pages widget. The Pages widget lets you add links to your pages as tabs at the top of your blog, or as links in your blog's sidebar. (Note: existing third party templates and special template designs I create may not support pages as tabs, but pages can still be added as links in your blog's sidebar) I prefer to not show the pages widget and instead link the pages manually in most of my designs. You have to click NO GADGET when you go to publish/edit your pages if you want to manually link them.
The rest of this information is for people who want the Pages Widget/Gadget to show.
In the Pages widget, you can decide which pages will have links, and in what order they will appear. You can also choose whether or not you want links automatically created for pages when you create them by checking or unchecking the box to the left of Add New Pages by Default.You can get the direct URL to your Blogger page by clicking View on that particular page at the Edit Pages screen.