Thursday, January 26, 2012

How to Post a Button Code on your Sidebar

An online friend just asked me how to post a button code I sent her. Here is a quick tutorial!

1. Get the button code you want to post.
You do this by clicking within the text box, select all (either control A or click left on your mouse while you drag across the entire code), copy (either control C or pull down to copy under edit up on the browser bar)

2. Go to your Blogger Dashboard and click Add a Gadget (gadget is the same as a widget!), then scroll down on the window that appears and click the + next to the HTML/JavaScript.
This window appears and put in your title and paste the code (control V pull down to paste under edit up on the browser bar) in the areas shown below.
Click Save and the button will appear.

You can put more than one button code into the same html/java gadget. It will probably look better if you combine them all in one widget.


Koogle said...

Thank you, Diana. It worked like a charm. :) I couldn't have done it without your help!

marianna said...

Thank you. Thank you. Your clear instructions really helped. I have wanted to know this since I started to blog 3 months ago !!