One on One Blogger Tutoring

One-on-One tutoring sessions are offered via Skype or Google + for $30 per session. Each session lasts 30 minutes. The 30 minute time block must be arranged and paid for ahead of time. I will log into Skype or Google + 5 minutes before the session begins to make sure the connection is OK. Refunds (partial or full) will only be issued if I am unable to attend the tutoring session or if my connection goes down during the session. You will need a built in webcam & a microphone (headset OK) for the tutoring session. Special email or phone tutoring may be arranged if you are unable to do a session via Skype.

If you want to set up a tutorial session please contact me with the following information.
*your blog address
*what you want me to tutor you on
*suggested times for the tutoring session
*the email address you use for PayPal
*the email address you use for Skype

I will respond to you via email to get everything set up before I have you pay.

You must create a Skype account and download Skype to your computer before the session. You can find a tutorial on how to do this below. The tutoring session will include the Screen Sharing option offered by Skype, which is also shown in a tutorial below. This will allow me to see your screen during the session so that I can point things out and give you specific directions. I did not create either of these tutorials below!
How do download & sign-up for Skype

How to Screen Share during a Skype Session
Please note: These tutoring sessions are intended to teach you how to blog and help you with blogging issues. I will not teach you how to do blog design or how to customize a template for blog design.